Working in the BIM Competence Center

Do you want to develop your skills at an international level? Are you excited by the idea of working on complex, major international projects such as high-rise buildings, data-centers or hospitals? Are you eager to scale BIM by applying defined standards and participating in joint international project execution?
If so, there could be a role for you at Hilti’s BIM Competence Center in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.



By teaming up with our local colleagues we take BIM design process and collaboration to the next level through a scalable way of working. Combining training, support and mentoring alongside daily joint project execution, we excel at sharing our knowledge from expert to expert. Do you have what it takes to join us?  

Your skills count - and so does your vision

Our BIM experts merge talents that have been shaped by many different backgrounds. Whether they are architecture graduates, experts in mechanical engineering or experienced structural engineers with strong business acumen – they share commitment, the drive to outperform and a common vision.

We as a industry-leading team facilitate clearly defined roles and draw out individual strengths. This means that all team-members work in a particular BIM specialization while contributing their particular talents to their team’s overall vision.


To succeed, you will need the ability to innovate, to share new knowledge and know how to get things done within real projects.
Whether you become an International BIM Modeler, an International Project Manager or an International BIM Lead Engineer, at Hilti your ideas will be valued. So, if you have top class technical skills combined with a creative and collaborative mindset, it’s time to consider a career at Hilti.

Your role in shaping the future of BIM

Our ambition is to make BIM scalable for Hilti, creating standardized processes and technologies that can be applied to and repeated within projects worldwide. To do this, we need talented people who understand how to combine building their knowledge with effective execution within real projects – and who enjoy cross-international collaboration while being keen to support and mentor others.

If you have drive, passion and the right skills, we offer challenging and rewarding careers in the following roles:


  • You will support BIM Project Managers in local markets via the professional scoping, contracting and management of assigned BIM projects - and support them via BIM masterclasses.
  • You will be involved in the whole BIM workflow, ensuring that all project members work to defined standards for scalability.
  • You will work closely with your local counterparts to ensure an aligned and transparent BIM project pipeline.


  • You will design optimized, value-engineered solutions for clients and ensure quality within BIM design & modelling processes.
  • You will be responsible for sharing knowledge and new value-engineering insights with Lead Engineers globally, both peer-to-peer and within BIM masterclasses.


  • You will be in the lead of creating BIM models for major projects based on design input and steering external Modeling agencies.
  • You will use Revit and other related software to enable a truly seamless workflow within collaborating teams.
  • You will automate model-creation and data extraction using the latest technologies while making use of centrally developed BIM parametric content.


Do you prefer to work closely with us from a local market perspective? Take a look at Hilti’s local BIM  opportunities as well!


We'll help you to create an impact

When you join our BIM Competence Center in Rotterdam, we’ll give our personal attention to your career progression with individual development plans and give you all the support you need to succeed and make an impact.
We’ll help you gain specialist knowledge within the BIM workflow and you will profit from a thorough system for reviewing individual performance and development, which feeds into a yearly career performance matching process.


This is how we find opportunities for our people to develop different responsibilities and benefit from different cultures and professions. This helps to broaden your skill set, nurture your ambition and open doors that will advance your career.
Our high performers have multiple chances to excel in leadership roles at Hilti. 80% of our management positions are filled by internal candidates, confirming how much we value our people.